Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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  • Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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    COUNTERTOP SIZE - With its elegant design, the Opal will wow your guests before they even try the delicious ice it makes. Measures at 15.5 x 10.5 x 17.2 inches - The perfect size for any countertop in your home. Installation Clearance - 3 inches, sides and back
    QUICK AND POWERFUL - Within only 20 minutes, you?ll be enjoying soft, crunchy ice, just like the ice you love from your favorite restaurant. The Opal produces 24 lbs of ice per day, and the bin holds 3 lbs at a time
    SMART - The Opal is bluetooth equipped, so you can set up your ice making schedule from the convenience of your phone using the free FirstBuild app. It senses when the bin is full of ice, so it won't overfill
    PORTABLE - No water hookup required, just plug it into any 120v grounded (standard) electrical outlet and fill the reservoir with water. As ice melts, the water returns to the reservoir, where it will simply be made back into more ice. Reservoir Capacity - 2.5 quarts
    Water Quality - Use potable water only, 12 gpg (205 ppm) or less mineral hardness
    Operating Temperature - 55°F - 90°F
    WARRANTY - All Opals purchased directly from FirstBuild or authorized resellers have a limited 1-year parts and labor warranty
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